Monday, July 15, 2013

Side table from a tv stand...How-to!

Yard saling and thrift store shopping are two of my favorite things. I even have my parents constantly looking for things I can paint and transform which is awesome. Nothing better than a phone call with my dad saying he found two lamps and a tv stand for me all for $10! Heck yeah!! In this post I'll show you a project that I made out of those items dad found. Super easy and like I said, $10. Who can beat that?!?

Side table
First item was a tv stand. When I saw this, I knew the top HAD TO GO or at least be recovered. I had bought some gingham fabric for another project and had just enough to recover it. I LOVED the wheels and cart underneath and didn't want to touch that. Here's what I did...
  1. Staple-gunned the fabric to the top. 
  2. Used upholstery tacs for the top edge to add some bling.

And done! It's edgy, southern, and unique! I'll tell you about the lamp in the next post. 

Happy DIYing folks!

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