Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burlap garland.. How-to!

My husband wanted to put the TV on the mantle, but I thought it just made the mantle look so drab. In this post I will show you how to make garland burlap which took my mantle from blah to southern and homey! 

Here are the materials you will need (found at Michael's craft store):
  • Burlap ribbon 4-6 inches wide (Mine was around 4 inches wide). 30 yards total
  • String 
  • Bobby pin 

Start by tying the string in a knot around the bobby pin. Cut the string about 4 feet long. Tie the opposite end of the string in the bottom right corner of the burlap ribbon. Begin to weave the string through the burlap, in and out in a zig zag pattern up the ribbon. The wider the pattern the bigger the puckers, and visa versa. 

About every 2 feet, tighten the string so that the ribbon bunches. Continue until you have reached the length desired for the garland. When finished, loop the string through the burlap ribbon and tie a knot. 

And you are done! I draped mine across my mantle, but this would look awesome draped over a doorway, the back of your buffet or a table runner! 


  1. It is a safety pin instead of a bobby pin.

  2. Great idea, Love it. Will have to try this.I am really getting into burlap

  3. Love this! Looking to make one for my wedding, if I may ask how many inches/feet was it after you pulled the string to make the garland? Did you use all 30 yards to start with?

  4. Love this, making one this wknd. Thanks!

  5. Definitely doing this. Headed to Hobby Lobby tomorrow!

  6. This is a great idea and easy too, just wish I found this before Christmas. Tks for the idea.

  7. LOVE THIS IDEA ! Going to add a sparkly 2.5 inch gold mesh ribbon to it as well !

  8. I love your rug! Where did you get it?