Monday, July 15, 2013

Rustic Corner lamp...Transformation How-to!

In my last post I mentioned the finds my dad found for me at a yard sale. One of his finds were two lamps. Totally outdated and ugly but cheap! Here's what I did...

Corner lamp
  1. Painted the bottom a color I liked... I used chalk paint. With two coats and a coat of wax, I was good to go there.
  2. Next I stalked etsy for a cool metal cage to cover the bulb. I found the perfect cage at Store19
  3. I got a light bulb from Home Depot to complete the look. 

Just goes to show you, someone's trash is another's treasure. I've got the perfect corner reding light now! 

Happy DIYing!


  1. Hey! I love all the stuff you do--what thrift stores do you go to around Greenville?

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you!! The thrift stores in Greenville have been good, but the real gems I've found have been at yard sales. I've also found some items at Estate Sales...very hit or miss. That isnt a whole lot of help, but its all really just being at the right place at the right time. I literally drive around Augusta Rd on Saturday mornings looking for the yard sale signs to see whats out there. For old barn wood, The Front Porch on August Road has so many options and its DIRT cheap. Its cash only, too!

    Hope this helps!! :)